Cai Zhisong

The fascination with Love is infinite, it shines through the whole life of a person. Love can brighten the darkness as well as rejuvenate a dying person. Being subjectively described, love becomes the sacrament in poems, the climax in novels, and the pure land in fantasies. People aspire to love all the time.

Some witness their love slip, but luckily experience the loss of dreams and realize the cruel reality. While some others enjoy love, in the mean time they indulge in the painful dilemma and psychological torment. They can only imagine the happiness of love.

People are accustomed to copy others’ lives and never comprehensively appreciate the significance of life. They cannot take any suffering in their lives; however, the ones with extreme endurance are idolized. Love usually ends in pain.

When dreams and reality are rather different, many theories become a guide for us to follow, leading us from one pain to another. Many people have the ability to overcome various difficulties in life, but are reluctant to get rid of the strange bewilderment of love. Loneliness and greed want to put us into a trap. As a career giant and a love dwarf, one time and again tries to find a shelter. However, neither a wheelchair nor a crutch could make this person finally independent.

Love is like a complacent satisfaction, and people love in vain narcissistic so shallow, neglecting others’ need. Pure love is nothing but sincere request. Don’t you think that the pursuit of love is nobler than
the pursuit of materials, as greed always fades the colour of love. Love
is all very well in its way, but life is much higher. Due to one-sided understanding, people only have the confidence to pursue love, but have no courage to bear the consequences, so please don’t behave irrationally or uncontrollably.

Love is like soft and tender flowers that bloom and die all the time; love is like our bodies, striding from birth toward death; love is like a lead rose, which will go to rack and ruin and become heavy garbage. The costs of maintenance are much higher than the value of itself.

Love is not eternal and a moment of joy also needs a number of predestined relations. Don’t pay a lifetime for a moment of delusory pleasure, because love is not life at all.

Please think carefully when you are searching for love.

22, November 2010 in Beijing