We begin heading to the death since we were born. Across the vast universe, life will leave its track even if it’s so short.

Life is not only a process, but also tells the result.

If we only focus on the process, life will yield cheers when we build glorious towers on the frozen lake.

If only the process matters, we will not struggle because of fear while going through the pain.

If we go through our life seeking merely the happy without looking at the future, one day, we might regret as a sick man with no cure.

The ignorance of karma makes us behave randomly at our own will. We try everything at the expense of waste of short and precious life, going about the phenomenon that is proved to be no avail, with so much depress, sadness and torment. For a fly who happens to be in a room, only does it matters when it gets out, despite how it tries.

Knowing little of the karma, one will only extend time and the fear of being executed, even if life prolongs to a million times long. A burning candle brings light, but a burned life might go into darkness.

Don’t be obsessed by crafty words and want more just in search of the “true self”, which is a mere magic play full of illusions, because visionary will never go with the real.

Don’t be scared by the starkness of karma and believe life only means process. Being aware of the truth will lead you out of ignorance for your later life. We were not born for being ignorant, so please do some certain good for your happiness and brightness.

In such a beautiful spring rainy day, we never notice the floating clouds, but the storm and thunders are always remarkable.

Sichuan Ganzi  5, Oct, 2011