November 2010 "Motherland and Roses" art. Triumph Art Space Exhibition


2010.11.24 - 12.26

Famous artist Mr. Cai Zhisong latest solo exhibition " Motherland and Roses " on display at the 798 Art District " Triumph Art Space ," November 24 to December 26 . The exhibition, Cai Zhisong try to use lead sheet material created as a series of new works rose theme . Asia Art Center Li Yilin , Li Bing HJY curators , singer Ai Jing , fire wind, Ren Jing , pay flute students , and many other agency representatives , collectors , and many other friends, all add to the fun .
Continuation of the artist's famous creation - homeland series "Wind" , "elegant ", " Ode " in the style of the latest works of Mr. Cai Zhisong after nearly two years to complete the creation of the " Song 9" more mature in the sculptural techniques , language and more concise, richer connotation . In the "old country and the Rose" can be seen in the exhibition , "Wind " series, Cai Zhisong more emphasis on language collisions between sculpture material ; "Ya " series vertical shaft with no word screen , highlighting the work of artists and dialogue ; "Song" series reflects Cai Zhisong skillful artistic techniques .
"Rose " series, the latest completed relief device debut , becoming the biggest highlight of this exhibition . "Rose ," the artist of this period reflects the change in the language selection , and the artist 's attention to the way of life of the individual , from beyond time and space history and cultural history of the narrative turn toward self- snoop -examine the mind , by a complex of specialized language and history changing cultural context for refining pure emotional state concise writing .
Cai Zhisong for "Rose " This interpretation, " Love is like nature flowers bloom all the time and not staged dying , never stops ; just like our bodies , beginning from birth toward death , like this lead rose, total One day while damage due to poor preservation becomes heavy trash. maintenance costs far greater than the value of their own . "
According to the Asian Arts Center Li Yilin said the bold use of lead sheet material as sculpture artists at home and abroad is rare , there 's only a small lead sheet material creative works of the majority. New artist himself against is undoubtedly a new challenge for operators and collectors work also will be a fresh experience. Like Mr. Cai Zhisong since the words : "I am a constant speed in one direction and then forward them, please do not ask questions : ? ? ' Do you have any new works are no new what to do" - Cai Zhisong in as a system , based on the reflection of local culture modern sculpture based on the continuous exploration forward .