Solo exhibition Cai Zhisong

Indonesia's National Museum

2011.06.17 - 07.24

June 17, 2011 , " Cai Zhisong 2011 exhibition" will be carried out at the National Museum of Indonesia . There will be an Indonesian dignitaries and collectors around the world to attend , which is Cai Zhisong continue to participate in the 54th Venice Biennale, a major exhibition after . Cai Zhisong works were not affected nearly as many artists as modern history with the iconic symbol of ideology , there is no avoiding the influence of traditional culture, but across history , across cultural barriers , to do something very natural way integration of history and culture. His work with the most modern techniques, performance art gives the most authentic experience. Like he exhibited at the 54th Venice Biennale , " clouds ", as the language used modern materials , the performance of the blend of the highest state of human nature , " sitting watching clouds " and " Xianyunyehe " pursuit of both Cai Zhisong born realm, but also his attitude towards life aloof attitude of life . The exhibition features both classic Cai Zhisong , both very familiar with everyone , " homeland " series , there are also new works "Rose " series , and his work is the perfect combination of history and modern , not only reflects his multi- kinds of skills to master, but also exhibit nonconformist characteristics, with an inherent and implicit appeal to a combination of traditional and modern . Undoubtedly, these works make us spiritual agitation.