"The spirit of the container," Cai Zhisong PROCEEDINGS OF sculpture exhibition

798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District, Beijing, ceramics Second Street

2012.04.21 - 05.19

Unlike television as literary works, visual text of indirect sexual experience , the formation of a variety of image-building techniques and psychological description of the diversity of literature ; classical art and sculpture in the period , but also because of the immediacy body shape was deemed no artistic painting style purity . After entering the modern art sculpture stage , for it is precisely shaping the body no longer be its main purpose , so the sculpture also received some indirect symbolic image . The most notable feature is that the accuracy of the sculptor no longer stick to a specific individual characters carrier , but the pursuit of a more widespread sense of " symbolic " character , thus , will be more with the spirit of the depicting the "essence" accuracy.
PROCEEDINGS OF Cai Zhisong and works that reflect the sculptural language is the way described above. In their work , because the characters carrier has gone beyond the general sense of the concrete " man" , made for the purpose of expressing one kind of spiritual essence "symbol ", so , they embody a modeling approach for high-level overview of the kinds of physical characteristics . This sculpture is difficult , because it has to comply with in the " real " form of general physical laws , while also not rigidly adhere to this rule , leaving on the rise in some universality. Therefore , it is at this point , is reflected in the works of both of them out of a consistency.
Nevertheless, this still can not obscure the consistency of their work is reflected in the difference , and this difference is reflected in their work in their respective differences in duration and realistic in nature. In Cai Zhisong works, "Motherland " series is processed into work as Mayor is so solemn and quiet , but it is inherent that contains the spirit of the Chinese people for thousands of years of history , its appearance in the rest of the reflected the strength of the outbreak of a wait . PROCEEDINGS OF works contrast becomes more witty , humorous some of the more symbolic metaphor of the body is actually a combination of some Chinese people 's realism slices. But , interestingly, in Cai Zhisong works, although the artist 's work presents a historical perspective , but it does have a hint of a reality ; while PROCEEDINGS OF works, realistic banter , he also has some historical necessity . Called the same thing , the two artists in different directions from each starting point of view, but at a certain point on the middle of the meet, then this point is beyond the sculpture in the classical mainstream taste, became an expression of the spirit of abstraction the language of the way .
April 12, 2012
Text / Cai Zhisong
From the moment we are born toward death began . In the vastness of space and time, although only moments moment of life will leave their traces.
The meaning of life is not only the process , the result is more important .
If the meaning of life lies in the process , then we can build beautiful buildings on the frozen lake , and will get the crowd cheers.
If the meaning of life is only the process , we will not in the face of these bitter pill to swallow because of cowardice exhibit unnecessary struggle .
If only the pursuit of pleasure , regardless of the results of the process seriously , eventually one day we will be like the unruly teenager accidentally infected with an incurable disease as repentant.
Because they do not focus on results , we cynical act arbitrarily , will be limited and precious loss of life among the various meaningless attempt , but ultimately nothing shuttling between phenomena , suffered setbacks , unfortunate and heart torment .
Occasionally broke into the room flies, Om Ming Fei hit anyway , can eventually go out is the key.
Because they do not focus on results , even if only life extension is equivalent to 100,000 times the execution of criminals tomorrow , just to extend the courtesy fear death and heart.
Candles burn bright in return , but perhaps in exchange for life burn darkness .
Do not be deceived and deluded remarks blindly grab and look for the so-called self, because that's just the scene only skills but no real magic, fantasy fiction forever bear the burden of reality .
Do not be afraid to face the harsh and causality believe that life without thinking only process , deluding themselves through the rest of the time .
We are not born to ignorance , if you desire happiness please planted the corresponding seeds.
Guyu spring , blossoming clouds floating how nobody cares , but spectacular thunderstorm .
October 5, 2011 in Ganzi