patches on the clouds - Guo Feng Cai Zhisong Works Exhibition


2012.09.02 - 09.26

Rhythm and Wyatt Hall (JOY PALACE) was invited musicians and artists Guo Feng Cai Zhisong jointly organized the " color clouds on - Guo Feng Cai Zhisong • Works Exhibition" was successfully opened on September 2 . Liu Pengsheng served as curator of the exhibition , metal marking system , " clouds " , floating in the air, reveal delicate and elegant , which is presented to our Cai Zhisong "cloud ." And on top of the clouds , irregular geometric shapes and lines to form a colorful maverick figure, a Road brightly beautiful landscape , which is presented to our Guo Feng " color ." The "cloud " and " color " in the same scene , giving art lovers a whole new artistic feel.
Musician Guo Feng , by color reflects his understanding of art and the pursuit of another round . In his opinion, there is no cross -disciplinary gully between music and color . From " the first person to pop music " to " Pictures Arts founder " as inherently creative person , Guo Feng never stop the pace of exploration , with abstract thinking to create a new art form - " to listen to the painting, can see the music . "
Following the " world filled with love ," and " the world is full of color " became the new logo Guo Feng arts. On creation, he advocated the deepest expression of the content in the most simple language , with the most simple melodies to express the deepest emotions, the most simple expression of the deepest structures of thought . Therefore, in painting the road , Guo Feng gradually formed its own strong personality , modern and pure style of painting - simple structure . The so-called "simple structure ", that is minimalist composition. The elements of painting, color and shape, Guo Feng aggressively pursue a simple , pure performance philosophy and composition form . The " color " has become "Jane constitutive " style core performance techniques .
Famous sculptor Cai Zhisong , 1997 at the Central Academy of Fine Arts , and taught , is a professional artist , lives and works in Beijing . Like many of his works were not affected by the modern history of the artists with the iconic symbol of ideology , there is no avoiding the influence of traditional culture, but across history , across cultural barriers , to do something very natural way integration of history and culture , with the most contemporary performance art technique gives the most authentic experience. Cai Zhisong theme with oriental sculptures defend China 's cultural tradition , re-examine the nature of things through the Eastern perspective, those solemn and mysterious works have touched metallic different languages , different peoples hearts of the audience.
The exhibition is the main exhibition Cai Zhisong attend the 54th Venice Biennale work, " clouds " series ( where a transaction price to 6.9 million in 2012, Poly Spring Auction of Chinese domestic sculptor refresh auction record ) , and explain love vital signs "Rose " series. As Chinese contemporary sculpture industry leader Cai Zhisong most adept use of language to lead people to the depths of sculpture art.